Small Business Grants

Small Business Grants
This page was originally published April 5, 2022 and updated April 29, 2024.

Small business grants are your pathway to incredible achievements without the weight of repayment. These grants are like a gift to fuel your passion, giving your startup the financial lift without any strings attached. They exist to support bright minds like yours, ready to make a difference with their ideas. Aside from the financial benefits, receiving a small business grant can also provide valuable exposure and networking opportunities. Many grants come with mentorship programs or connections to industry experts, which can be invaluable resources for growing your business.

Whether it’s for purchasing essential equipment, investing in your team, or just keeping the lights on as you find your footing, these grants open doors to new opportunities. It’s not just about the money; it’s about believing in the power of your vision to transform the world.

All of the grants included here are national in scope and open to any and all applicants looking to launch or grow and online business. They are funded by private organizations and foundations that offer these grants specifically for small businesses. They range from $1000 microgrants for small startups to larger grants for established businesses looking to expand or innovate. Please review the description of each grant program below to learn more about it and its application process and award requirements.

Step into your future with confidence, knowing that small business grants are here to back you up, turning your aspirations into the achievements you’ll look back on with pride. This is your moment, seize it with both hands and shape the future you’ve always dreamed of. ♥

The 500 Global Flagship Accelerator Grant

If you’re just starting your online business venture and need a financial push in the right direction, the 500 Global Flagship Accelerator Program is perfect for you. This program isn’t just any grant; it’s a golden ticket to scaling your startup to new heights. Imagine having access to funding, mentorship, and a network of industry leaders ...

Awesome Foundation Grant

If you’re kicking off an online startup, finding the financial backing can be a big hurdle. That’s where the Awesome Foundation steps in! They offer a no-strings-attached grant every month to help projects just like yours get off the ground. Whether you’re innovating in tech, creating something that benefits the community, or just have a ...

Bizee Entrepreneur Grant

Have you dreamed of starting your own online business but find yourself hitting a wall when it comes to resources? The Bizee Entrepreneur Grant is here to knock down those barriers for you. This unique opportunity is designed specifically for budding entrepreneurs like you who are ready to take the digital world by storm. With a focus on empowering online ...

FastBreak Grant Program

If your online business is looking for a financial boost, the FastBreak Grant Program is something you don’t want to miss out on. This program is designed specifically for online startups like yours, offering not just funding, but also valuable resources to get your business off the ground. By participating, you’ll join a community of ambitious ...

FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

If you’re running an online startup and dreaming of taking it to the next level, the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest is something you should definitely check out. This annual competition is designed for businesses like yours, offering financial grants to help you grow and expand. Imagine getting extra funds to invest in marketing, buy inventory, or ...

Venmo Small Business Grant

The Venmo Small Business Grant Program might be what you need to launch and scale your online busienss. This grant offers an opportunity to grow your business with the backing of a widely recognized brand. Venmo is all about making transactions easy and fast, and now they’re extending their support to small business owners like you. Applying for this ...

Skip $10k Perseverance Grant

Are you launching an online startup and feeling a bit overwhelmed about funding? We’ve got just the thing for you – the Skip $10k Perseverance Grant Program. Designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you, this program provides not just the financial backing you need to get your business off the ground, but also the support and resources to ensure ...

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