Ignite the Fire by Jonathan Goodman

Ignite the Fire Fitness Business Startup Guide
This page was originally published April 25, 2024 and updated April 30, 2024.

Ignite the Fire by Jonathan Goodman

Starting a personal training business might feel overwhelming, but Ignite the Fire by Jonathan Goodman simplifies it for you. This critically acclaimed, bestselling book is your comprehensive guide, designed to help you not only start your online fitness training business but also grow it into a successful venture. Whether you’re dreaming of running your own gym or wish to operate as a freelance personal trainer, Goodman’s insights are invaluable. By breaking down the essentials of the business side of personal training, this book enables you to focus on what you love doing most – helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Goodman covers everything from creating your business plan to finding your niche in the competitive fitness industry. His advice is practical, founded on years of experience, making it easier for you to avoid common pitfalls and steer your business towards success. The book also emphasizes the importance of building strong client relationships and creating effective workout plans that yield real results for your clients. By following Goodman’s guidance, you’re not just launching a business, you’re setting the foundation for a rewarding career that changes lives.

Key Features:

  • Business Blueprint: A thorough guide to kickstarting your personal training business.
  • Client Targeting Strategies: Expert advice on identifying and reaching your ideal clientele.
  • Competitive Pricing Tips: Insights on how to competitively price your services for maximum appeal.
  • Custom Workout Creation: Techniques for designing personalized workout plans that deliver results.
  • Marketing Mastery: Proven strategies for promoting your business and establishing a robust online presence.


  • Business Growth Understanding: Get essential knowledge to launch and scale your personal training venture.
  • Loyal Customer Cultivation: Learn effective methods to build and maintain a dedicated client base.
  • Distinctive Market Positioning: Strategies to set your services apart.
  • Digital Promotion Skills: Harness the power of social media and online marketing for your business advantage.
  • Financial Management and Profit Maximization: Receive expert guidance on financial oversight and boosting your bottom line.

Ignite the Fire serves as a guide for anyone looking to make their mark in the fitness industry. With Goodman’s expertise guiding you, you’ll have tools you need to build a successful and sustainable business.

Online Personal Trainer Startup Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness professional or just starting out, this book will help you align your passion for fitness with practical business strategies, turning your dream into a reality. Don’t wait any longer to start building the personal training business you’ve always wanted. Check out Ignite the Fire by Jonathan Goodman and take the first step toward a successful future in the fitness world.

Your Quick-Start Online Fitness Toolkit

Online fitness trainers are in demand. The personal trainer industry alone is expected to grow by at least 10% by 2026, that means an additional 30,000 trainers in just a few short years. According to recent data from ZipRecruiter, the average earnings for an online personal trainer is around $61,000 a year, but with some experience and a strong online presence you can earn even more. Become the go-to trainer in your chosen niche and launch an online fitness business you love. This toolkit full of proven resources by experts in the fitness world will help you.

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